Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I was loving Monday

I didn't get here to the computer yesterday, read thru my google reader list this morning and realized that I missed loving Monday's on just my second week. This might be why I'm not a big fan of resolutions. So, loving Tuesday's because:
1. we got my grandfather safely moved form his own house to a senior appt.
2. my kids are home on vacation this week.
3. we had friends over last night for poker- very fun
4. I found some old cookbooks of my grandmothers and have come up with a great idea- a monthly (maybe, or 2 times a month??) round up of family recipes. I'm still mulling it around in my head.
5. I think I am finally feeling better today!!!

Anyone have any interest in joining with me in a family history cooking round-up?
Or how about a cooking with kids round up- another one of my resolutions. I really need to start cooking with them instead of always for them.

I was just going to post 5 things- but a couple more just popped into my head:
6. Rock Band for the Wii- fun for me & the kids
7. Lego's- has kept my son very entertained for the last couple days
8. my husband- for Valentines Day he gave me many thoughtful things, as well as all the kids, and then my parents, aunt and grandfather too!
9. hubby again because he went down to help with move even when I couldn't go
10. I have 3 of my 4 grandparents still with us. love them!!!!

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