Friday, January 30, 2009

Disney & Megan's Challenge

We're back after a wonderful and much needed vacation to Disney. We had a great time with beautiful weather and many family members. There was no cooking, and more exciting no dishes, (yea!!!); but there was plenty of eating. Mickey head ice cream bars were usually the choice for the mid afternoon snack- yum!
We had dinner one night at the new T Rex restaurant in Downtown Disney. The restaurant itself is awesome, like the Rainforest Cafe but in dinosaur theme. The food was just fair and very expensive. We loved the dessert, chocolate extinction (I think that is what it was called) .
For Christmas our cousin gave us lunch at Cinderella's castle. It was very exciting for the kids, here is a picture of them making their wishes as directed. The lunch was very good. The men both got this dish below which was like a beef pot pie with shaved beef and pastry sheets for the crust. I can't wait to figure out this recipe and have it here at home.

Tonight I made Spinach and Three Cheese Calzones as part of Megan's challenge at I made two batches separately as I knew the kids would not go for the spinach filling as originally posted. The first batch I made pretty close to the recipe- except I used a little more garlic, frozen spinach and forgot the red pepper.
I found the filling to be a bit plain (maybe that is the point of the pepper?? LOL), next time I will add more flavor there. The crust was very good, no changes needed.
For the kids, I made the filling using ricotta and Parmesan cheese but switched out the fontina cheese to mozzarella. Tasting it uncooked, I thought it would have been too strong for the kids (I knew I was pushing it already with the ricotta cheese that they are not big fans of) ; I think it would have been fine tasting the finished calzone. One of my daughters loves onions on her pizza and since she brought home a great report card today I made her a calzone with the cheeses and onions and garlic.
The other kids (who also brought in good report cards) got chopped pepperoni in theirs. I think the mozzarella was too salty, and liked the fontina cheese better. This was my first try at calzones, and I will certainly make them again. I am already thinking of changes for the future.


Megan said...

Yeah! I'm glad you liked the calzones. The filling is only limited by your imagination - so next time you can really be creative!

n.o.e said...

My girls loved calzones when they were growing up, but always ordered theirs without ricotta. Come to think of it, I've never loved a lot of ricotta in lasagna. I love how you personalized your calzones to your family's tastes. Playing with the filling sounds tasty and fun.