Saturday, December 6, 2008

kale soup

last tuesday i cam home to find my back steps covered by kale. we have a neighbor that randomly leaves things in our yard, so i assumed it was from him. he did go & tell adam about it, i guess he grew it & had too much. only in little compton.....
after an hour's worth of cutting- i put it into the fridge until i got all the rest of the supplies.

it was pretty coincidental because adam had been asking for Kale soup a couple weeks ago and if i had his grandmother's recipe- which i didn't. i did get it from his mother (or at least the general idea of it which is the best a portuguese cook can do as i don't think they ever measure) and i made it today.
it was a success- looked, smelled & then finally (and most importantly) tasted like nana's- yea!

Nana's Kale Soup- huge pot recipe

  • 4 beef shanks
  • 7 onions chopped
  • lots of garlic (don't be afraid of it my m-i-l told me)
  • big splash of vinegar (helps to get the bone marrow out- and it worked they were hollow when i took them out!)

cover with water and let boil for a couple hours. at this point most of the meat had fallen apart on it own, i broke up the big pieces and took out the bones & big pieces of fat. add:

  • chopped carrots- lots
  • chopped potatoes (i used young's new ri brand)
  • 4 cans kidney beans with liquid
  • more water to cover
  • beef base to taste

boil for about 20 min. add kale (chopped into bite size pieces) and cook until done.

makes: dinner for 6, huge bowl full, and about 15 quarts to share/freeze for later

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